Open Diversity Innovation

Hiring a Diverse Team

Diversity seems trendy to most companies, however the reality of those with diverse perspectives is they’ve had them their entire lives. They bring their perspectives when they show up everyday to a job, on project or while developing a product. When your organization realizes you have a diversity problem it’s usually after a failed project or lack of connecting to certain niche groups and with Social Boosting you can connect with more by buying views on your social media. We are here to help you change that.

Beta Testing Diverse User Base

There are many products that do well among certain group but die once they need to be scaled. The reason is generally focused on the product, we show you where the problem actually begins in the process.

Diversity Training in the Workplace

You may have a diverse workforce but those with diverse perspectives may not feel they are included in the day to day operations of the organization. Retention rates are generally low because of the organizational culture and policies. We will help you dig deep and address the issues that are keeping a diverse pool of applicants from applying but also how to retain those that are finally selected as employees.