Social Strategy

Why social strategy over a purely digital one? Most organizations and businesses fail to engage because they generally broadcast their messages into social media environments. We tap into how people really engage and connect for personal and business to intergrade culture at workplace. Our strategies work because they are consistent with individual expectations and behavior on social platforms.

Build Internal Expertise

We provide workshops and training that allow you to build the expertise you need within your organization. We will help you integrate social strategies into the way your organization already works

Diversity Innovation

Most organizations believe that their online strategy is inclusive and diverse. Typically, they haven’t done an assessment. Generally, we find that after an assessment, the majority of these organizations are surprised to find they are lacking key diverse aspects to make their strategy truly inclusive. We provide an assessment and inclusive social strategy that will integrate into your existing online engagement platform.

Reputation Management

What is your organization doing to monitor and protect your reputation in the social space?

It’s a question most don’t really know the answer to, but could cause irreversible damage to your organization. Reputation management should be going on before there is a crisis, prior to it becoming crisis management. We help you answer that question and provide an integrated social monitoring plan.

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Social Media Management

Some organizations don’t have the staff or the time to manage their online engagement. For those organizations, we offer planning, implementation and support.