About Us

We are a social strategy firm with a multimedia focus. Our strategies include a socially diverse approach with analytical monitoring and reporting.

Why social strategy over a purely digital one? Most organization and businesses fail to engage because they generally broadcast their messages into social media environments. This digital strategy is not successful because it’s generally rejected by those who use these platforms to build relationships and connect to topics and people they like, not to entities or brands.

An  organization with a successful social strategy helps people form and strengthen relationships in ways that benefit the company. People connect to other people, not to buildings and entities. We tap into how people really engage and connect. Our strategies work because they are consistent with individual expectations and behavior on social platforms.

Our team are experts in the field and have diverse talents in working with nonprofits, government agencies, and companies. Our collective experience is over thirty years in the tech and social media fields. We strive at working together with your organization as if we are part of your team.