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A Focus on Social Strategy

It’s a cultural shift, to focus on a social strategy. Most organizations are looking at the bottom line, the ROI, of why they engage in online strategy, ultimately, what’s in it for them. What most organizations don’t realize is that’s exactly the same thing that their customers, constituents, stakeholders, and etc are asking. Broadcasting a message can be like a pebble in the ocean. Most people will barely see the ripple unless it has meaning to them. Umair Hague’s post says it best;

Today, the meaning is the message. The “message” of the Internet’s social revolution is more meaningful work, economics, politics, society, and organization. It promises radically more meaning: to make stuff matter, once again, in human terms, not just financial ones.

In human terms it’s “what’s in it for me” on a personal level. This is how and why people connect with all of the content and messages being broadcasted across the Net. For this reason organizations need to rethink their strategy.

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